Hi!  I’m Wenda Zonnefeld.  I am a Composer and Sound Designer.  I understand the multi-faceted geeky media music world.  I create music and sound design that is tailored for your needs.  I’ve had an unusual life that the sum of all its parts have given me advantages to be exceptional at what I do.  The troubles in my life didn’t create bitterness, but my sense of humor.  The blessings in my life didn’t create conceit, but gratitude.  I have always loved to make people laugh.  LOL my kindergarten report card says “Wenda is an entertainer” 😉  I’ve been told by many that I should write a book – but I would rather write music.  Music and humor have been constants in my life.  I believe it’s wrong to underestimate the power of music in a production or project.  I believe everyone has a predisposition to be drawn to quality music, of any genre.  I believe the best dramas have humor.  I hear the connections of playfulness needed in music – and I believe people are not only drawn to these qualities – but they need them for their souls.  There was a time that I had a very busy musical instrument repair business.  I had some awesome clients and a handful even won Grammies.  By simple word of mouth from people like Phil Woods and Bud Shank, I found my business grew to the point of needing to work by appointment in order to handle it all.

In the midst of this successful business I had what some may call a “Job” experience (pronounced “Jobe”) Giving the details has never given anyone joy – and so I do not want to tell them.  “Where” I found myself was in a place that could either be looked upon as my ruin or a time where I could be rebuilt.  I chose the latter.  I went back to school and scheduled my surgeries around my tests.  I need to insert here that I do not believe I survived because of my strength.  I believe God carried me during this time. He kept the constants of music and humor in my life.

I cannot remember a time when I didn’t compose music or wasn’t fascinated by sound.  Once my life needed to be rebuilt, I didn’t need to think hard as to which direction to go.  What amazes me is how much of my past life strengthens my current one.  Repairing musical instruments has given me a clear perspective on sound design.  I found myself composing pieces that required musicians to take apart some of their instruments or add non harmful “additions” to be attached for a unique sound.  During my “instrument technician days” I would test play each instrument making sure it worked well.  Test playing the instruments I repaired not only gave me skills to perform many instruments, but the knowledge of their “voice” in an arrangement and also their strengths in a melody.  Many past clients had me guest play with them at their gigs.  Because of this even though I am predominantly a Jazz musician; I have sung and performed on instruments in practically every genre you could imagine.  I also learned a lot of history, and an oral recount of many occupations.  Many of my clients would tell me their life stories while I fixed their horns.  The wide variety of mediums and repair techniques were also a huge education. I’ve been asked many times “Why do you know that?” LOL. I usually answer with something like “Why do you know that hand rail outside tastes like metal?”  We both know it’s not because I saw that person enjoying it for lunch! We all know many things that accumulate over the years. (Some we’ve learned at an early age not to repeat!)

The intricacies of the mechanics of musical instruments is very much like the intricacies of math in SMPTE time code. Ok I just spoke Greek to some of you, and my apologies – I am not Greek, but I am a Geek. Besides my past repair biz, I’ve also have created a game, acted, scripted, made props and have edited film.  I adore The Lydian Chromatic Concept musical theory.  I love the challenge of mathematically figuring out the exact location of a musical event and how to make it happen where it is needed – even though it will exponentially change where the SMPTE numbers or game play land that are behind that certain event, requiring more math equations.  All while being so “musical” the average listener doesn’t know the “smoke and mirrors” (skills) it took to make it happen.  I have a professionally designed sound studio where I also compose and also work on sound correction.  This is what I mean when I tell someone “I Create Music and Sound Design that is Tailored for Your Needs”.  You may not know or understand my multi faceted geeky media music world – but you can trust that I do, and that I will greatly benefit your production or project.

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