Wenda Zonnefeld is a Multiple Award Winning Composer/Sound Designer/ Foley Artist with experience in film, games and ADR. Her diversified Musical, Foley and Sound Designer backgrounds stem from a long history as a performer in multiple genres and unique acoustical knowledge from her past musical instrument repair business. Wenda performs a plethora of wind, string and keyboard instruments. She has sung in both Classical and Jazz performance groups. She has performed and produced an album that received national airplay. Wenda’s work has been attached to films that have won SIGGRAPH MetroCAF, Art Director’s Club Gold, Philadelphia Film Festival Gold in Animation and a Finalist in the Student Academy Awards. The Park City Film Music Festival gave Wenda two Silver Medals and created a new Jazz Genre in her honor – subsequently giving her the first Gold medal in this new genre. Wenda has fixed multiple film’s audio and acted as sound designer for both short and feature films. Wenda has been hired for voice over projects and also VR.  She owns a professionally designed sound studio and Turbo Jazz Publishing (BMI).