Director’s Kudos

Zack Lydon (Award Winning Director and Animator)
We hired Wenda to compose an original score to our animated short film and were amazed at her ability to drive our script using music. Her experience in composing for film has made her adept at hitting cues and emphasizing beats. Wenda possesses a deep knowledge of composing for film and has an affinity for jazz. Not only did Wenda compose our score, but she additionally performed and recorded it with her team of acclaimed musicians. Wenda is a wonderful talent, a dedicated individual, and an incredible person to work with.

– Zack Lydon; Award Winning Co-Director, Screenwriter and Co-Animation Artist of “Still I Breathe”

Jules Dameron (Award Winning Director)
Wenda is truly easy-going, a positive energy to work with. Something that I would recommend for anyone who’s working on a narrative film. She brought exactly what I was looking for. Just talk to her about what you are looking for and she’ll bring it, and more.

-Jules Dameron; Award Winning Director of “It’s My Role”

Will Mitchell
Thanks to Wenda Zonnefeld at for her wonderful music composition for our 168 film “Spotless”.  A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across Wenda’s LinkedIn post about music composition.  It had been 3 days since she posted it and no one had replied.  I had a look at her website and liked what I heard. I got in touch.  We skyped and countless emails later the original soundtrack to our film is amazing!  Wenda was terrific to work with, her quick replies to emails, her prayerfulness and cheerful attitude was infectious.  She’s a pleasure to work with and we highly recommended her. THANK YOU WENDA!

-Will Mitchell Director of “Spotless”

Ariane Dupleich
It was a tough job to create original music for the 48h film project.  Wenda came out with exactly the kind of ambiance that helped enhance the main protagonists respective wandering minds.  Together yet apart, one seeking for petty glory and the other for peace.

-“ Rafale Kamachi” aka Ariane Dupleich Screenwriter and Producer of “Love Me Tender”

Steve Grandinetti 
I highly recommend Wenda for several reasons.  First of all she is a consummate professional in every aspect of her varied knowledge–sound design, composition, instrument repair, and performance.  Secondly, she goes above and beyond to help a client, providing amazing original compositions in a very short time.  Thirdly and most importantly, Wenda cares about her work and others and has exceptionally high standards.  I was hired to do sound design for a production at the last minute and needed some horn parts.  Not only did she provide what I needed in a timely manner, her work was stellar and made me look good.  If you need sound design, Foley work or composition I recommend Wenda Zonnefeld!

-Steve Grandinetti; Sound Designer for Theatrical Productions

Déous Gennari
Wenda is a professional composer and well worth the investment in time and money.  She is creative and a problem solver.  She is also hugely talented in sound and music design.  Wenda’s studios is one of the most comfortable I have ever been in. Thank you so much Wenda.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.

-Déous Gennari; CFO at Teaching 2020

Lionel Flynn
My film needed replacement of all audio and Wenda delivered.  She welcomed my actors into her studio and made them not only feel at ease, but coaxed from them performances needed.  Wenda’s keen ability to read lips in order to sync realistically was impressive.  All four actors had points in their sessions where they were not only happy but laughing.  Wenda made sure that the work she coaxed from them would be a joy and not a job.

-Lionel Flynn; Owner and Director of LionSky Productions